Three to Single Phase Adaptor (32 Amp)


This product is simple but also incredibly useful for those resourceful EVers on the go. It basically allows you to take advantage of the many 3 phase outlets in public and commercial spaces to charge your car at 7.6kw or 30km per hour rate.




  • Portable 3 Phase 500v to single phase 240v 32 Amp Converter cable
  • Ideal for taking advantage of 3 phase outlets in public areas, factories etc to charge your electric car at up to 7.6kw.
  • Total length: 120cm
  • Can add up to 30km of range per hour with one of our 15/32 EVSE units
  • Fitted with a quality 5 pin 3 phase plug, high-quality flexible cable and a blue CEE socket or 32 Amp round pin Australian socket.
  • Premium and robust product
  • No assembly required
  • Excellent value
  • 12 months warranty


Use this cable with our 15/32 EVSE Unit and you’re good to go!


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