Eddi Energy Redirector


A Myenergi product, Eddi diverts surplus power from your solar or wind turbine system – putting it to use to heat your water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid.

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This is the one renewable energy product that can seriously slash your electricity bill. Incredibly some customers have seen this product provide a 100% ROI within 12 months! 

To put it in real terms, you may end up effectively paying 6c per kwh to heat your water or power your pool pumps rather than 28c if powering direct from the grid!

For a better insight as to how this amazing product can save you money every single day watch this great installation and operation montage from the HBPowerwall channel – Eddi Installation and Operation Montage

Eddi Follow up Video from HBPowerwall – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DolAc6w2yFI


  • 3.68KW / 16A max. heater load (each output)
  • Supports two heaters (sequentially)
  • Integral bypass switch
  • VariSine™ PWM technology
  • Fan-less cooling
  • Built-in programmable boost timer
  • Energy data logging
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
  • Overload and short-circuit protected
  • Expansion module option
  • Wall mounting bracket for ease of installation
  • Fully EMC/RCM and safety compliant (CE)
  • 3 Years Warranty

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Note: available in AUS only. 

Additional information


Compatible with all Type 1 / J1772 and Type 2 / Mennekes equipped vehicles which include the below:
Audi A3 e-tron
BMW i3, BMW 330e, BMW X5 xDrive40e
Chevrolet Bolt
Fiat 500e
Ford Focus Electric
Holden Volt
Hyundai Ioniq & Kona
Kia Soul EV
Nissan Leaf & NV-200
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV & i-miev
Mercedes Benz C350 e & B250 e
Porsche Cayenne & Panamera Hybrids
Renault Kangoo ZE, Fluence ZE & Zoe
Toyota Prius Plug-in
Tesla Model S & Model X
Volvo XC90 T8
VW Golf GTE &VW Golf E


Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 95mm
Converter Efficiency: 97.3% min.
Maximum load: 3.68kW
Measurement Accuracy: +/- 1%
Supply: 90-256V 16A 50/60Hz
Compliance: EN60335-1, EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

Reviews from around the web

“Just had my zappi installed last week and am absolutely delighted with the system.
It is simplicity itself to switch through the charging modes and the graphics showing where the power is coming from and going are very well depicted on a very clear backlit screen.
Also, the unit looks very neat and appropriate on the front of the house and doesn’t have the slightly “industrial” appearance of some of the other systems I have seen.
My communications throughout with MyEnergi and the installer were excellent. I would highly recommend.”

– Paul Hayden 

“I have got my zappi unit installed yesterday and I am so delighted with it. It works a charm and providing tons of information on screen. I only went for the unit because of its ability to use Solar power to charge the car without sending it to the grid but having used the zappi unit and reading about its features I am absolutely delighted with my choice. I can’t wait to see the mobile App in the development to come out. Keep your good work going. Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a home charger for their EV. Thank you”

– Nuwan Eshwara


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