AMPfibian Max 15A Power Adaptor


AMPfibian MAX 15 – 10A Breaker RCD / Overload

The MAX is to be used where full weather/waterproof protection is required. This is an excellent choice when plugging in EV to charge at home or when staying with friends, and where protection from the elements is not guaranteed.



So what does it do? It enables you to plug in your 10/15A charger with its larger earth pin (from your charger) into any 10A socket.

The Ampfibian MAX is rugged and weatherproof design and ideal for exposed areas.

The unique Australian design has been tested and certified to meet stringent Australian Saftey standards giving a piece of mind and allowing safe and LEGAL connection between 10A and 15A.The Ampfibian MAX achieves this by cutting the current if it exceeds 10A / 2400W.

Note: the Ampfibian will not convert 10A to 15A, it protects the 10A circuit from overloading with a 15A circuit. You may be limited with the functionality of your connected device/s if intending to use a power draw of more than 10 amps.


  • 10A 2400W overload circuit breaker
  • RCD earth leakage protection
  • For ordinary and heavy-duty outlet leads up to 12mm diameter
  • Automatic cleat prevents accidental disconnection
  • 1.8m connection lead
  • Flip-out hook for hanging
  • H-Class approved (heavy duty/commercial)
  • Weatherproof to IP55 in any position
  • Weatherproof with and without outlet lead
  • IK08 impact rating
  • Clear lids for easy inspection
  • Stainless steel security bracket
  • RCD lid lockout tag
  • Individually tested & numbered
  • 12 Months Warranty


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