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  • Zappi 7kw


    Myenergi Zappi 7w (5m + 8m)

    A Myenergi product, this intelligent ‘solar aware’ is the charger Australia and NZ have been waiting for. Not only will Zappi charge your car way faster than the device supplied with your car, it will also guarantee that all power used to charge is taken from your solar or wind generation.

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  • TeslAnything Adaptor – to BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, Ioniq, PHEV


    Here we have the adaptor that everyone has been waiting for!  This cable will enable you to charge any EV from a Tesla HPWC destination charger, meaning you will can take advantage of the many single and three phase Tesla destination chargers dotted around the country and charge at up to 3.3 kw or 20km of range per hour connected.

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  • Mennekes (Type 2) to J1772 (Type 1) Charging Cable 32 Amp (5m)

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    Type 2 (Mennekes) to Type 1 (J1772) Charging Cable 7kw (5m)

    An essential cable for every Type 1/J1772  vehicle (see additional info for compatibility list) for safe and secure charging from public ‘Universal’ charge points.  The Leaf, Outlander and most other EVs use a standard Type 1/J1772 in car connector. However the vast majority of public charge points offer a Universal Type 2/Mennenkes connection.

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  • Type 2 to Type 1 Adaptor (Mennekes to J1772) Cable For Tethered EVSEs


    Type 2 to Type 1  Charging Cable 7kw (5m)

    With Type 2 tethered connection now the norm for public charging stations, EVs with Type 1 / J1772 are unable to take advantage of the growing number being deployed. With this product, you simply connect one end of the cable to the Mennekes connection of the charger and the other to your car to charge at up to 32 amps or 30-40kms per hour.

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  • AMPfibian Mini 15A Power Adaptor


    AMPfibian Mini Waterproof Adaptor – 15 to 10A Breaker With RCD/Overload

    The AMPfibian mini is an excellent choice when plugging in an EV to charge at home or when staying with friends. What does it do? It allows you to plug in your 15A plug with its larger earth pin (from your charger) into any 10A socket.

  • Portable/Switchable EVSE EV Charger – Up to 10 Amps 2.4Kw


    Portable Switchable EVSE EV Charger – Up to 10 Amps (2.4kw)

    This is an essential piece of equipment for any EV driver! This is direct replacement for the charger/EVSE that came with your car. It’s also ideal for imported cars where the chargers may not be certified or compatible on your domestic network.

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