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  • Zappi 7kw


    Myenergi Zappi 7w (5m + 8m)

    A Myenergi product, this intelligent ‘solar aware’ is the charger Australia and NZ have been waiting for. Not only will Zappi charge your car way faster than the device supplied with your car, it will also guarantee that all power used to charge is taken from your solar or wind generation.

    Shipping is FREE On This Product To Anywhere in Australia

  • Eddi Energy Redirector


    A Myenergi product, Eddi diverts surplus power from your solar or wind turbine system – putting it to use to heat your water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid.

    Shipping is Free On This Product To Anywhere in Australia

  • Harvi Remote Current Sender


    Limited Supply. Secure Yours Today!

    A Myenergi product, Harvi is a clever little device that enables the Zappi and Eddi products to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT) for measuring the grid and or generation power; instead, they’re connected to Harvi. No power is needed for Harvi, meaning batteries or electrical wiring are eliminated!


  • Myenergi CT Clamp


    If you would like to see real-time generation from your solar/wind system displayed on the LCD display of your product, you’ll need an additional CT. (additional option)